Why You Need A VPN As An Affiliate Marketer
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Why You Need A VPN As An Affiliate Marketer

I could make this article really short and just say you need a VPN as an affiliate and leave it at that. The simple fact of the matter is that running any kind of affiliate marketing campaign becomes more complicated than it needs to be without a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software application or browser extension that allows users to change the IP address they access the internet from to almost any country in the world. This is useful for accessing websites with geographical restrictions. For example, you might want to access NetFlix from a country where the streaming service is blocked. Using a VPN, you can change your browsing IP to a country where NetFlix is open. Using the VPN changes your IP, effectively bypassing any country restrictions.

Why do affiliates need a VPN?

Any offer you choose to promote as an affiliate will have geographical restrictions and even differences in the offer. According to the target country, these differences could be the actual landing page with different visuals and even requirements.

Sign up with any affiliate network and browse the offers on the platform, and you’ll typically see the landing page available for the country you’re browsing from. That landing page will be different from the landing page for other countries, so using a VPN becomes a must. Seeing the actual geo-targeted landing page is essential for any campaign. The key selling points for any offer will be relevant to the targeted country, so being able to browse these offers through a VPN is an absolute must.

This holds true for your own custom landing pages as well. Different countries have different legal requirements, for example. If you don’t test your pages on local IPs, then you could well end up sending traffic to blocked pages. That is, unfortunately, a widespread mistake we see repeated time and time again. The use of a VPN would have saved your advertising budget!

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the most popular traffic methods for affiliates both on top-tier networks like Google Adwords and secondary networks like Bing. PPC keyword and bid information is connected to the target country and even the country you browse from, so using a VPN is essential. If you’re looking to run campaigns in the United States, for example, you’ll need to be on a U.S. IP address to get the most accurate information for keywords and competition bids.

VPNs are very low-cost tools for any affiliate marketer’s toolbox. Most VPNs can be had for under $10 a month with substantial savings for annual or even quarterly payments. Some of the most popular VPN providers include:

  • Pure VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • TorGuard
  • Express VPN

Of course, which one you choose is down to personal preferences, but one thing to check before choosing a VPN package is the range of countries the provider supports. If you’re concentrating on offers in South America, for example, choose a provider with the best country coverage for the particular region.

Are you using YouTube ads? According to industry statistics, YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, with YouTube ads (62%) outperforming TV ads (45%). Figures like that make YouTube an excellent platform for the right kind of ad campaign. To reach your target market on YouTube, though, you need to know what ads are running in your target geos, which means using a VPN. Browsing from an IP local to your target geo means the data you collect will be much more relevant with potential improvements in your conversion rates as well as any retargeting campaigns you might be running on YouTube.

Being an affiliate marketer means spending a LOT of time on the internet. As marketers, we want to safeguard our personal data like passwords and even credit card details for traffic networks. Using a VPN adds an extra layer of security to what we do, protecting us from malware injections and hackers, for example. It makes sense to use a VPN, particularly in today’s highly mobile work environment.

Are you looking to improve the results of your affiliate marketing campaigns? Get in touch with one of our affiliate managers, and we’ll help you optimize your campaigns and improve your marketing ROI!

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