When Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?
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When Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?

So why did you start affiliate marketing? Sure, flexible working hours and being your own boss are great, but the vast majority of affiliate marketers got into the industry for the payouts. The earning potential of affiliate marketing is one of the key selling points.

When it comes to choosing an affiliate network or even a particular offer to promote on an affiliate network, there are some key questions you need to answer:

  1. What is the offer payout?
  2. What is the network minimum payout?
  3. What are the payment methods?
  4. When do I get paid?

Points one through three are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. The fourth point seems to be the one most new affiliates have trouble understanding, so let’s dive right into clearing this up.

The typical payment periods across the board for affiliate marketing will be one of the below:

  1. Weekly
  2. Net-15
  3. Net-30

Weekly is simple and to the point. As an affiliate on a weekly payout, you’ll be paid every week based on earnings over the previous week. The payout day depends on the network you’re working with, but this tends to be a Wednesday.

So that leaves the Net-D payment frequency.

Net-D is a standard business term meaning payouts are made D days after the invoice date. Net-D is used in a wide range of industries but has become the norm for affiliate marketing.

Under Net-D terms, any money owed to you will be paid D days after your invoice has been issued. Say, for example, your affiliate network issues an invoice for you today, and you’re on Net-30 payment terms. Your payment will be with you in thirty days from today.

Invoices are usually issued at the end of any given month for all your affiliate earnings during that month. Any earnings for the month of December, for example, would be paid on the 30th of January if you’re on Net-30 payment terms.

So why do affiliate networks work on Net-D terms? The Net-D terms give the networks a chance to assess your leads’ quality and account for any cancellations, refunds, or chargebacks. While nobody likes waiting for their money, Net-D payment terms are fair for both sides, network and affiliates alike.

Once you’ve been working with a network for a while and can show a track record of high-quality leads, then, of course, you can qualify for earlier payment terms. Once you prove yourself to your affiliate manager, you’ll probably be offered a payment bump anyway, without even having to ask for one.

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