Top Free Trackers For Affiliate Marketers
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Top Free Trackers For Affiliate Marketers

You can’t optimize what you don’t track. Could you read that again and commit it to memory? Thanks.

If you’re running an affiliate campaign without tracking, you’re wasting time and money. You may be leaving unprofitable campaigns running, burning through your budget. Even worse, you could well be cutting profitable campaigns, losing out on conversions and ROI.

Tracking isn’t a guarantee of success in the affiliate game. Nothing is. One thing is for sure, though. Without tracking, your campaigns will never reach their full potential. After all, it’s doubtful you’ll only have profitable campaigns! The ROI from affiliate marketing comes from profitable and unprofitable campaigns, so tracking is essential.

For anyone starting in affiliate marketing, costs can soon start to add up. The pitfall for many new marketers is to cut corners on their tools, to maximize their available campaign budgets. For many, that means forgoing tracking entirely. Big mistake…

While full-blown accounts on trackers can be expensive, there are enough lite versions or even completely free versions available with feature sets that will be more than adequate for anyone starting in affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Free For Life trackers available to marketers today.


Quick confession here. BeMob is my tracker of choice, and I’ve been with them for years. My campaigns have long outgrown the free account, but I’m quite happy paying them the money I do. The feature set is extensive, and even on the free account, you get five custom domains, allowing you to use multiple tracking domains for your various campaigns.

BeMob works on a template system, so setting up an offer on a new affiliate network is a piece of cake. If you do need help, their support is fantastic. Very knowledgeable and always keen to help. Apart from their features, their support is probably one of the main reasons I’ve been with them as long as I have.

The Free account comes with 90 days of statistics, 100,000 monthly events, and, as already mentioned, five custom tracking domains. BeMob even takes care of the SSL on your tracking domains for you. Over 100,000 events a month, and you’ll be charged the overage cost of $0.06 for 1,000 events.

Reporting is real-time, split-testing for landing pages and offers are supported, and the bot fraud solution is very accurate.

BeMob is a hosted tracker, meaning you don’t need to buy any hosting to install it on, so for Zero dollars a month, you can be in business with a fully-featured tracker. BeMob is highly recommended!


CPVLab used to offer a Free 30-day trial of their popular CPVLab Pro but recently introduced their CPVLab Starter edition, free as long as you need it. The starter account has support for two campaign types as opposed to six in the higher account levels. Starter campaigns are Direct Landing and Landing Page, enough for the vast majority of new marketers, since the bulk of campaigns will be either direct linking or to your landing pages.

CPVLab is a self-hosted tracker. That means you will have to have hosted the software on your server. While that does involve an installation procedure (straightforward, by the way) and the cost of the actual server itself, on the plus side, you won’t have any limits on the number of events you can track.


Like BeMob, PeerClick is a hosted solution, so no need for any additional hosting accounts. As with BeMob, their free account comes with 100,000 monthly events. The overage cost on PeerClick is relatively high, $0.1 for every 1,000 events.

Statistics is 90 days, but they only support one custom domain on the free account. I prefer to use multiple tracking domains for my campaigns, but if you’re happy using just one to start with, PeerClick will do the job.


ClickerVolt is a WordPress plugin you install on your WordPress site, just like any other plugin. There are no event limitations – if your hosting can handle it, ClickerVolt can track it.

If you’re a feature-junkie, ClickerVolt is the tracker for you. Features include AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), page cloaking, complex funnel tracking, heatmaps, split-testing, to name just a few.

Developed by an affiliate marketer, ClickerVolt has gained a reputation for performance and has become the tracker of choice for some extremely successful affiliates. Certainly worth a try!

Still unsure about trackers? We can help! Join Forex-Ads, and we’ll help you make the best choice.

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