Top 5 Landing Page Builders For Affiliate Marketers
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Top 5 Landing Page Builders For Affiliate Marketers

There’s one thing you can never have enough of as an affiliate marketer, and that’s landing pages. Well, actually, there are two other things you can never have enough of, traffic and conversions, but I’ll stick to the landing page theme for the sake of this post.

Landing pages are the bread and butter of any affiliate marketing campaign, and you need a decent selection to test and use in your marketing campaigns. Your affiliate network will, of course, provide you with the merchant pages, but you’ll want your own pages as well as multiple pre-landers to split-test.

Publishing your own landing pages puts you in complete control over your campaigns as it allows you to change layouts, add scripts and re-directs and use things like pre-forms to collect email information from leads before you send them to the merchant page.

I’ve used pretty much every single landing page builder out there at one time or another, so here’s my roundup of the Top 5 landing page builders for affiliate marketers.


If you need quick, clean, and simple landing pages, PureLander is the one for you. PureLander comes with an excellent set of features, including the ability to add dynamic elements to your landing pages along with countdowns, spinners, survey-style layouts, pop-ups, and more.

PureLander has a page ripping function that I’ve used to rip some very complex landing pages successfully. The owner is very responsive and actively posts tutorial videos and guides on the most prominent affiliate forums.

PureLander comes with an excellent selection of landing pages across a wide range of styles, both for desktop and mobile devices, and is extremely easy to use and master.

I’ve been using PureLander since it was first released, and with the pricing model of only $25 for six months of unlimited access, it’s crazy good value.


LanderBolt is a relative newcomer to the world of landing page builders, but it’s very quickly become an industry favorite for its range of features and simplicity.

LanderBolt markets itself more as a landing page management tool than just a builder, and it really does live up to the billing. The feature set includes a drag-and-drop design editor, super-fast hosting for your pages with SSL, landing page importer, FTP facility, page ripper, the list goes on and on.

LanderBolt includes integrations with some of the best trackers in the business, Thrive Tracker and AdsBridge, making connecting your landing pages to a tracker a breeze.

One of my favorite features of LanderBolt is the Multivariate testing option. With this, you can test split-test headlines, images, and CTAs. Currently, this feature is only available for Thrive Tracker and AdsBridge. Still, Brett, the owner of LanderBolt, assure me they are working on a similar feature for other trackers as well.

LanderBolt is $47 a month for a full bells-and-whistles account. Pricier than PureLander but worth the extra expense.


The grandaddy of landing page builders, Leadpages is more of a lead generation toolkit rather than just a landing page builder. You can build out entire websites, create some very eye-catching pop-ups and even create some easy alert bars that stretch across the top of your page, proven to increase conversions.

Leadpages comes with a mass of integrations, including CRMs, PPC platforms such as Bing and Google Ads, social media like Facebook and Instagram, and even native ad platforms like Taboola, for example. Integrations for email and popular eCommerce platforms are also available inside your LeadPage account.

Prices on Leadpages start at $27 a month up to $239 a month for the full Monty account.


Builderall is like a swiss army knife for affiliate marketers. Apart from one of the slickest landing page builders, it includes a super-simple funnel builder along with a whole wealth of other features. Buulderall really does live up to its name as the builder that does it all.

User Bulderall and you get the website and landing page builder, their funnel builder, email design and sending capability, SMS marketing, chat automation, webinar tools. The feature list is extensive and exhaustive. It really does do it all.

For the range of features you get, Builderall is outstanding value for money with accounts ranging from their Builder Plan at $29.90 a month up to their Funnel Club plan and $99.90 a month (plus $199.00 one-time setup fee).


Yeah, I agree, the name is corny, but the feature set is anything but. Their page designer is slick and easy to use and comes with a ton of features and conversion tools such as pop-ups and a visual funnel builder. Landingi comes with a WordPress plugin as well, so you can publish your designs to your self-hosted WordPress site as well.

The Landing integration list is extensive with support for CRMs, email, chat, analytics, and Paypal payments, among others.

Landingi accounts start at $55 a month up to $149 a month for the Agency account.

Need the best converting landing pages for your affiliate marketing. Talk to a Forex-Ads affiliate manager and get all the landing pages you need!

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