the forex ads guide to pop traffic
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The Forex Ads Guide To Pop Traffic

Pop Traffic is another one of those things that were going to die out by the year 2018. The web was awash with all the prophets proudly proclaiming the death of pop traffic. And they were right. Pop traffic is dead!

Actually, that’s not entirely true, although I wouldn’t mind people believing it. The more people there are looking down on pop traffic, the less competition there is for me, and that’s something I don’t mind at all!

Pop traffic has been very kind to me over the years, and it continues to deliver conversions in some of the most competitive niches online today. Its cheap, infinitely scalable and pop traffic campaigns are drop-dead simple to get up and running.

So what exactly is Pop Traffic?

Pop traffic is an ad that appears in a new browser window on websites users interact with. Think of pop traffic as banners ads that open in new browser windows rather than the window a visitor happens to be on at the time. Pop traffic comes in two types, Pop-Up and Pop-Under. A pop-up ad appears on top of the page the visitor is currently viewing, while a pop-under ad appears in a new browser window behind the website the visit starts on.


Pop-up ads have been popular for years and still make an appearance on many of the most high-traffic sites in the world. An alternative to native and banner ads, pop-ups can fall prey to ad blockers, as can pretty much any other type of online advertising. The results, though, speak for themselves, and as a means to scale a campaign, pop-ups are second to none.


Pop-unders are the next step in pop traffic. As the name implies, they display in a new browser window behind the website your traffic is currently on and don’t appear until the user closes the website out. This is a less intrusive form of pop traffic as the user’s browsing experience isn’t interrupted. Click-through rates are similar to pop-ups, but the engagement is better since the user isn’t distracted by the pop-up and browsing flow remains the same.

Pop-Ups vs Pop-Unders

While the only accurate way to measure the performance of pop-ups and pop-unders in your own affiliate marketing campaigns will be to test them, there are some differences between these two types of pop traffic that you need to be aware of before launching any campaigns.

Pop-Up Pros

  • Highly visible
  • Huge traffic inventory
  • An extremely direct form of advertising
  • Great for brand awareness
  • Hard to miss

Pop-Up Cons

  • Seen as an intrusive form of advertising
  • Detrimental to user’s browsing experience
  • Aggressive

Pop-Under Pros

  • Better engagement
  • Less intrusive form of advertising
  • Users can choose when to view the ad

Pop-Under Cons

  • Lower traffic inventory
  • Can be hard to see on mobile devices
  • Easier to miss

Pop traffic is a very cost-effective way to scale campaigns. Almost every traffic network you choose to work with will have considerable volumes of pop traffic inventory, so scaling up profitable campaigns won’t be a problem. Setting up pop traffic campaigns is far easier and straightforward than any other type of traffic. Typically you won’t need any campaign creatives, just your landing page or offer page.

As with anything online, testing is the way to go. While the statistics point to pop-under ads being the more effective type of pop traffic, don’t discard pop-ups until you test them in your own marketing campaigns. Pop traffic is ideal for the beginner affiliate. The low-cost and straightforward campaign creation process makes this type of traffic much easier to get to grips with than, say, push traffic.

It’s essential to clarify something here regarding pop traffic. Just because setting up a campaign is easy, it doesn’t mean pop traffic lacks any of the targeting options of other traffic types. Geos, devices, time of day, languages and many other targeting options are available for pop traffic, as are creating whitelists and blacklists for your campaigns.

Don’t let the low cost and simplicity put you off. Test pop traffic in your own affiliate marketing campaigns and let the results decide on the effectiveness for you.

If you’re new to pop traffic campaigns and stuck on where to start, get in touch with us today, and one of our affiliate managers will walk you through all the steps to get up and running with pop-ups and pop-unders in no time!

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