sales funnels improve your marketing results
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Sales Funnels Improve Your Marketing Results

We all know the value of tracking when it comes to affiliate marketing campaigns. Without tracking, there is no way to gauge what is working and what isn’t in your campaigns. While tracking a single landing page is the simplest way to start out, using entire sales funnels is the next step in your affiliate marketing journey.

Super affiliates know the added value sales funnels provide over a single landing page. Now please don’t get me wrong here. Using single landing pages is an incredibly effective way to make affiliate commissions. As your journey through the various levels of experience progresses, you’ll find yourselves “upgrading” what you do and how you do it. Most newbie affiliates measure their marketing budgets in hundreds of dollars a month. Super affiliates have marketing budgets measured in the thousands of dollars a day.

Super affiliates know the value of maximizing their ROI. It isn’t always about how much you spend. ROI is the only accurate measure. If you could make $11 for every $10 you spend, how many ten-dollar bills would you spend a day? That’s the real measure of marketing success. That and being able to scale your campaigns.

Scaling is an often overlooked part of affiliate marketing. The initial phase of any campaign is used to find potentially profitable site id’s for example. Once you have your list converting and potentially profitable site ids, the next step is to scale up. If the traffic source you used in your testing phase can’t be scaled, there’s no real point in using it in the first place.

Keeping more control over your traffic is one of the reasons more, and more affiliates are shifting to complete funnels over simple landing pages. If you send traffic to a broker’s registration page, any signups go directly to the broker.

Keeping more control over your traffic and leads is one of the easiest ways to increase the ROI on your media buying. To do that, you need to start using sales funnels.

So what exactly do we mean by a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of landing pages and checkout pages, all designed to channel your traffic towards your desired outcome, which in this case is a sales conversion. Each step of the funnel can comprise its own mini-offer with upsells and downsells.

For example, you send traffic to a landing page with an offer of free trading webinars as a lead magnet for a broker signup. Traffic comes to your landing page and is redirected to the registration page. Once they have registered with the broker, they come back to your funnel for their free webinars if they complete the process. After they signup for the free webinars, your sales funnel can then redirect them to a different offer. A paid subscription to technical analysis, for example. If they don’t take the offer, you can take them to a Lite version or even a free trial period.

The point is, with sales funnels, you keep much more control over your traffic.

Most affiliates will rely on media buying with paid traffic making the bulk of their referral sources. There’s no way to market again to this paid traffic without paying again.

The most successful affiliates know how to use sales funnels to keep control over more of their traffic. They already know these are visitors highly interested in whatever the affiliate is promoting. Chances are these same visitors would be interested in offers related to the main product as well.

Sales funnels not only allow you to upsell your traffic, but you can also remarket to them. Set your remarketing pixels, and your funnel will tell you at which stage of the process your traffic falls out of the funnel. That’s where you need to remarket. Say, for example, a potential lead dropped out of your funnel without taking you up on your webinar offer, remarket to them with the webinar offer.

Setting up a sales funnel might sound like a complicated process, but it really isn’t. Do a quick search on google for “sales funnel builder”, and you’ll be spoilt for options. Most of these come with very accessible monthly accounts, so for a small investment, you can launch a funnel and test your results. If you don’t see results, cancel the account but be sure to give it a fair trial. The data you’ll get from the testing alone is worth the asking price, so sales funnels deserve to be on your radar.

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