push traffic for your affiliate marketing campaigns
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Push Traffic For Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Push Ads have been around for a while now, but they didn’t really come to the forefront of traffic platforms till 2019. There are dozens of high-quality networks offering either their own inventory of in-house publishers or acting as brokers for various platforms.

Push ads work for a straightforward reason. They’re not seen as an intrusive form of advertising. People are used to seeing notification pop-ups on their desktop browsers and their smartphones. Push notifications are permission-based, meaning you can turn them off from appearing on any of your devices at will, further reinforcing the non-intrusive label.

That’s not to say push ads are some kind of panacea for all marketing campaigns. Yes, they can work very well for specific niches, but you still need to manage and optimize your campaigns for maximum effect.

Top Performing Verticals For Push Ads

We run hundreds of our own campaigns here at Forex Ads, and we like to collect data. Lots of data that we like nothing more than analyzing and segmenting. From our tests, the best-performing verticals we see for push ads are:

  • Gambling
  • Crypto
  • Betting
  • Investing
  • Dating

Even without our considerable statistical data, these would be the top verticals I would have chosen as being the best-performing for push ads. The reason is quite simple but something you should always keep in mind when considering a traffic source.

Does the traffic style match the expectations or perceptions of the target user? When it comes to these five verticals, notifications fit the narrative, so to speak. Anyone interested in any of these will be more receptive to push notifications on their devices. That might be for price changes, trade updates, or new likes and matches in the case of the dating verticals.

Push ads are one of the most effective traffic sources we see, and we’ve gone over the tactics in one of our earlier push traffic articles.

What we didn’t touch on in that article had to do with the expectations your target audience has, so let’s dive into that right now.

Like we mentioned earlier, push ads have become much more mainstream, and audiences are far more receptive to them. Not all approaches will work for all verticals, though, but there are some tactics you should definitely add to the mix in your marketing campaigns

Collecting email addresses from subscribers

This is a must-do. If you’re just funneling traffic to an offer page, either directly or through a pre-lander, you’re leaving money on the table. Here’s a quick example to demonstrate what I mean.

In a recent campaign, I used a pre-lander with a simple registration form to collect emails from leads. After the leads registered, they were redirected to the final offer page. Collecting the emails gave me the chance to market to them directly through auto-responders. Both legs of the campaign were profitable, but the email leg out-converted the direct leg by over two to one.

Take the time to set up email registrations. Build your list – build your profits.

Take winning campaigns to other networks

While we all have our favorite traffic network, their in-network traffic will dry up at some point. Once your testing period is over and your campaigns generate conversions and profits, take them wider with more networks. Statistically, the results will be similar on all networks, targeting and geos being the same, of course.

Find your winning campaigns and cast them over a wider net. Scale, scale, then scale some more!

Use pre-landers!

This is another topic we’ve gone over in detail in another article, but I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. If you don’t use a pre-lander, you can’t collect any email information, and you can’t split test the message.

There’s another upside to pre-landers we ought to mention here. Some push traffic networks won’t allow crypto offers, for example. Setup a campaign with direct linking to a Bitcoin offer, and your campaign will be flagged and paused. Using a pre-lander gets you around that particular obstacle. Get into the habit of using pre-landers. Your affiliate managers will love you for it?

Are you stuck with running campaigns on push traffic networks? Get in touch with us today and get the inside scoop on push ads from one of our affiliate managers!

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