Need Images For Your Ads? Big List Of Image Sources
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Need Images For Your Ads? Big List Of Image Sources

Images in affiliate marketing campaigns serve a clear purpose. Make the ad enticing enough that people click on it. That’s the sole purpose of an ad creative. Of course, if the ad imagery matches your landing page’s actual content, so much the better, but the main objective of any ad image is to get your prospective buyers to click the ad. The job of convincing them to signup for your offer is done on the landing page.

Ads bring clicks – landing pages bring conversions.

The right image can make all the difference to your campaigns’ performance, so savvy marketers know the value of imagery. Split-testing is a tactic you should definitely be using in your campaigns, so having a decent selection of high-quality images is a must.

So, where do we find the images we need to run successful campaigns?

Paid Sources

One of the big plusses of using paid image sources is the sheer selection. A number of designers and photographers have built an entire niche industry out of uploading and selling their images on the big paid image repositories. Chances are, you’ll find the image you’re looking for on one of them.


Probably the biggest database of royalty-free images online today, with a massive number of images covering any conceivable topic. While the volume of images on Shutterstock might seem overwhelming, they do an excellent job of tagging their materials, so finding the ideal image isn’t really that difficult.

While Shutterstock carries a vast inventory of photo style images, they also have a massive selection of vector images.

Adobe Stock Photos

Another top-rated source for images of all descriptions with the added benefit of integrating directly with Photoshop and Illustrator.


While Shutterstock and Adobe tend to have a fair amount of overlap in their image database, iStock has a greater volume of exclusive images. While their per-image costs might be a bit more expensive than the first two, their exclusivity means the photo you choose won’t have been overused.

Free Sources

Image costs can soon add up and if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, keeping an eye on expenses is crucial. Money spent on images means less budget available for running your campaigns, so while you might not find the same extensive selection in the free sources, there are some excellent resources for free images to get you started.


One of the most popular free image sources with a good selection of images and vectors to choose from. Image quality can be a bit hit and miss, but if you take the time to search the Pixabay library, you’ll find some excellent images.


Most of the images on Pexels are stock photos, and the site has some useful filtering options to use. You can search by how many times an image has been downloaded, so try to avoid anything that has been done to death, as it will be saturated. Your target audience will probably have seen the image multiple times already.


If you’re looking for real-life images rather than studio poses, Flickr is a good option. The majority of images on Flickr fall under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 copyright, meaning you can use these for a commercial project, provided you credit the owner of the image.


As with pretty much anything online, Google usually has the answer, and that includes images.

Another source of excellent “natural-looking” images, Google, includes usage rights in their search filters, so you can narrow your selection down to photos you can use for commercial projects as well.

A word of caution: While the free sources can come up with some excellent images for your campaigns, the downside is that these will have already been used in multiple campaigns. Start your campaigns with free photos but as soon as you’re making money from your affiliate marketing, upgrade to one of the paid sources. Your campaigns will be all the better for it!

We’re always here to help with anything related to your marketing campaigns, so reach out to Forex-Ads, and one of our marketing experts will help you get your campaigns into the Green!

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