Video Affiliate Marketing
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How To Amp Your Affiliate Marketing Game Through Video Marketing

Did you know that you only have 7 seconds to catch and keep your audience’s attention?  Studies have shown that people’s attention spans have drastically reduced as the internet and social media became more universally available. Many people will not be bothered to read a long article, regardless of how well it’s written. Which trends video marketing an amazing tool.

Why is video content important in affiliate marketing?

Videos are a great way to engage with your audience and convert them into customers. Customers today prefer watching a two-minute video instead of reading a two-page long article. Social media and easy access to the internet has reduced the attention span of human beings.

Over 50% of customers admitted that they felt more confident buying products or services from companies that have video content. Most people will look for review videos of products or services that they are interested in before buying.

Forex affiliate marketers have often used video marketing as part of their strategy, some commonly used methods include:

  • Video reviews: these can include reviews of platforms, tools, brokers and more.
  • Video sales letter that can convince customers about the benefits of a certain broker or tool.
  • Youtube videos that can help retarget website clients.
  • Helpful, insightful videos like tutorials for example, create excellent content that will be beneficial to users.
  • FAQ videos, which can help interact with clients.

Video marketing can seem expensive and complicated for people who do not have much experience in this field. However, there are a number of free tools available that can help create quality video content.

Not Only Google Loves YouTube

The biggest video platform online is Youtube and it’s by far the most preferred by marketers. Aside from it being free of charge and offering a broad audience, it’s also great for SEO, as YouTube belongs to Google.

Every marketer’s primary objective is to redirect traffic to their landing page, and this is where referral links come in. You can place your affiliate links within videos. This allows users to redirect themselves to your website. A good practice is to also include affiliate links in your video descriptions as this will allow users to track down the service or product that you’re promoting if they did not catch the annotation in the video.

Another method most affiliate marketers use is running ads on their videos. You can pay to promote your ads on YouTube and increase the number of views on your video: more views = more conversions. YouTube allows you to access your campaign’s analytics which help evaluate its progress in more depth. This will help you see which strategy works and which doesn’t.

It’s important to follow several golden rules when uploading on YouTube:

  1. Make sure you pick an appropriate name for your video that will entice people to click on it.
  2. Always add a complete description under your videos.
  3. Add referral links where possible – in annotations and video descriptions.
  4. Use attractive custom thumbnails.
  5. Add your videos to playlists
  6. Make sure that your channel is aesthetically appealing.
  7. Content is King, but Context is God – make sure your content is relevant and fits well in your channel.

Using Facebook Live for affiliate marketing

Facebook Live allows you to publish videos as ‘stories’ on your page. It can be an effective way to improve engagement and reach your audience more easily as well as open a conversation with them. Receiving feedback from your clients is extremely important when building a successful brand image for your website.

Affiliate marketing works best when the user trusts the influencer that is talking to them. Facebook prioritizes engaging content and sends users notifications that you are now live. Viewers will be able to get a better understanding of you are, your scope and mission, and essentially trust you more. This will lead to more traffic to your website and to more conversions.

A great tip is to host a Q&A and ask your audience on what kind of content they want to see next. For example, your website could be fixated on posting beginner forex tutorials, such as ‘What is Scalping?’ or ‘What do Day Traders Do?’. Your audience may encourage you to produce different content – for example, they may ask you to review a certain broker or platform. If you are stuck and need ideas for content, your audience is exactly the right source for idea generation.

Facebook live is fantastic for broadcasting upcoming events. If you are hosting webinars, conferences, competitions, etc.  you can announce them through Facebook Live. You can do the same if you attend events too! You can share your likes and dislikes. The more you interact with your audience, the better.

Show your audience what you learned at a conference. Share the highlights of an event and educate them on how it inspired you. Get your followers excited about what’s hot in your industry.

Using Instagram for video marketing

Instagram revolutionized video marketing. In the ten years since its conception, the platform grew immensely and is now a direct competitor to the video giant YouTube. Instagram allows you to post short stories that are only a minute long and as of the last few years, it offers IGTV, which is an additional feature of Instagram that allows users to create and share videos up to one hour long. IGTV gives marketers an opportunity to post long-form content and be more creative with their approach.

IGTV is ideal for posting detailed ‘how-to’s, guides, tutorials, and reviews. It allows affiliate marketers to recycle their content from Youtube, thus gaining more reach.

To conclude

Whatever platform you choose to post your marketing videos, its important you apply your creativity to produce top quality content at a minimal cost. Through videos, you can spread your message more effectively. Make sure that your content is well researched, interesting and start recording!

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