are you using in-page push?
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Are You Using In-Page Push?

Push notifications are one of the most cost-effective ad formats available to affiliate marketers today. We’ve written numerous articles about push ads, so check our blog if you need a quick refresher course in push notifications.

Today we’re going to look at one of the newest push ad formats, In-Page Push.

So what exactly are In-Page Push ads.

In-Page push are banner ads that mimic the behaviour of regular push notifications. They are displayed as part of the website your potential lead might be on. Unlike regular push ads, in-page work on iOS as well, so you can broaden your targeting options to include these devices as well.

Since in-page appear as a banner on the publisher website, they look more like Native Ads rather than push, and in the right verticals, that can have a significant impact on your CTRs. There is no subscription element to the in-page ads. In standard push ads, website visitors have to agree to receive these, and the push becomes part of the users’ browser. Since in-page ads are part of the host website, they don’t need visitors to agree to receive anything, making them less intrusive than regular push ads.

We found in-page push ads performed exceptionally well across all major metrics with excellent engagement results in our own testing.

Key Advantages Of In-Push Ads

Higher Click-Through Rates

Since in-page ads mimic the behaviour of native ads, the CTRs we got for our campaigns were excellent.

Better Targeting

The ability to target iOS devices makes in-page ads an excellent option. Regular push ads won’t display on iOS devices, so in-page is the answer for targeting iPhones (other than your own native app, of course.)

Browser Independent

Regular push ads rely on the users’ browser to deliver the ad. In-page ads are part of the website they display on.

No Subscription Requirement

In-page ads don’t require users to opt-in to see them. Visit a website with in-page ads, and you’ll see them, unlike normal push ads where you have to agree to see the notifications.

Always Fresh

Push notifications have what’s known as “user age”. That has nothing to do with the date of birth. Instead, it’s a measure of how long ago someone subscribed to receive the notifications. Since in-page ads don’t need a visitor to agree to see them, the audience is always fresh. That’s a big plus. Internet users have short attention spans!

Across our testing, we found in-page ads performed very well for almost all our test verticals. Given the banner element and the fact that in-page mimic native ads, the best performing verticals tend to be “content rich.” Verticals where your potential leads are searching for more information around a particular topic, rather than a brand recommendation, for example.

Top Verticals For In-Page Push

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Gambling
  • Survey Offers
  • Dating – adult dating in particular
  • Gaming

This content element makes for a much higher CTR on websites rich in information relevant to the user’s search. We always recommend using a tracker for all marketing campaigns, and this holds particularly true for in-page. Run the testing phase of your campaigns to get as much website data as possible, then scale up on your whitelists. The results will be a real eye-opener, especially to the push ads deniers!

As with any kind of marketing campaign, it pays to do your homework before you start spending your marketing dollars. Fire up your favorite spy tool and check for in-page ads running in your vertical. Make multiple variations of your campaign creatives and run your testing campaigns to get the best performing creatives and converting website data.

Are you running in-page ad campaigns? We have exclusive offers in the best performing verticals that could be an ideal match for your marketing. Get in touch with one of our affiliate managers today and start promoting the best converting Forex and Crypto offers.

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