5 Ways to Help Increase your Forex Affiliate Business with Forex Ads
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5 Ways to Help Increase your Forex Affiliate Business with Forex Ads

Have you already started your Forex Affiliate game and are looking for ways to increase your income? It is possible that you have already witnessed the first promising results and would like to boost your earnings. Anyway, this article aims to improve your performance and shift from modest returns to a solid large-scale income. 

Treat your Forex affiliate partnership like a business; this way, you can change the game from a small side income to substantial earnings. You should be ready to dedicate all the necessary time and attention that a developing business may require. Take into consideration that very likely you will have to invest some money as well.

You will need to transform your website visitors into your loyal customers. It is necessary to shift the focus from the quantity of leads to their quality, focus on high-net-worth individuals, and provide quality content for them. Keep your mind open about Forex referral and affiliate programs – with ForexAds; it becomes even easier as we bring together affiliates and brokers for the best cooperation possible.

Here are the best ways to enhance your Forex affiliate business:

1. Increase your website traffic

To make better commissions, you will have to refer more individuals to the broker you work with. Initially, it means that you need to have more traffic on your website. The most efficient way to do that is to interest people and to make your website accessible to those who are interested in your services. In order to do that, you should appear more in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, etc.

Check the content of your website and see if it successfully performs with SEO. Google keywords planner, for example, should come in handy for your task. Keep in mind that Google targets topics more these days rather than simple keywords. It means that helpful content will win over exact word matches. 

2. Produce qualitative Forex content

The algorithms of search engines will change over time, but the necessity for high-quality content will not. Writing excellent and helpful articles on your blog should protect you against the next Google updates. 

With great content, you should appear at the top of the relevant searches. In addition to that, there are shares, recommendations, comments and re-reads, and other kinds of audience engagement that should make them interact with your affiliate links as well. Your content may be of different sorts, such as webinars, articles, and others.

3.Diversify the exposure of your content

You can optimize your google searches, post on LinkedIn and Facebook, and other social media. Don’t neglect the less popular media channels and search engines – even though they have fewer users, there are still millions that use them. Create your blog posts on different platforms and your website and share the links to them on your social media. The larger the scope of your presence, the easier it will be to resist the change if it comes.

4. Have an established audience

It is important that you own your audience’s contact information in case a change on Facebook or Google suddenly comes. Give preference to creating mailing lists and collect as much information as possible when a user signs up on your website. 

You can use these lists to promote your affiliate links, and it should help you understand your audience better. Thanks to such practice, you can target your campaigns more efficiently and diversify them according to your audience’s particular segment. 

It is not that simple to get people to leave their email addresses. However, you can offer something of value in return, such as a free webinar or an audiobook, for example. Make sure that whatever you are offering is of high quality and is worth the effort of signing up. Moreover, the more your audience trusts and respects you, the bigger the chance that they will follow your advice about a particular broker.

5. Be smart about your choice of an affiliate program

If you invest a lot of time and effort into your affiliate program and the outcome, such as commission, does not meet your expectations, maybe it is time to review your affiliate program. Have a good look at the broker you have chosen and decide whether it is worth doing business with them. Is the commission good enough? Are you rewarded at an accelerating pace for more signups and larger deposits? Do you receive a recurring commission for loyal customers you bring in? If not, perhaps it is a good idea to switch to another Forex broker who offers better conditions. 


It is rather inviting to sign up for multiple affiliate programs and fill your website with affiliate links to maximize your income. It is important that you remain in your niche in case you decide to work with several brokers. Keep in mind why people turn to you and keep the quality of your content on the level.

Now that you have read 5 ways to increase your Forex affiliate business, you might wonder – what is next? At ForexAds, we will connect you with the most rewarding affiliate programs, as we work only with reliable brokers. We offer various partnership options, so you will have your business up and running.

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