Content marketing techniques for forex affiliates
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5 Content Marketing Techniques That Every Forex Affiliate Marketer Should Use

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn passive income that could even result in a full-time venture. However, many affiliate marketing businesses focus far too much on getting banners and backlinks on their websites and forget a critical component – content marketing. And all the best affiliate marketing programs require significant

Everybody wants a website that generates plenty of organic traffic, but without frequent, quality content, that’s not possible. When it comes to forex affiliate marketing, the objective is to get a large number of leads that the broker can convert into clients.

Let’s explore some techniques to help your website reach the traffic you want.

1. Content marketing – It’s all about the blog

You’ve heard this many times before; blog posts are a simple and efficient way to improve your website’s ranking and a key factor in your content marketing strategy. In the digital world of 2020, it’s not enough to just increase the frequency of your posts – you need to stand out from your competitors by producing compelling content that will facilitate good user experience.

An excellent way to produce a quality blog post is to step away from your business aspirations – forget forex ads, forget affiliate networks, high payouts, and just write. Pick a topic you would be interested in reading about if you were a trader and research it thoroughly.

Writing out news or current affairs works great for forex affiliates. Often, this is overlooked because it’s harder – you must be up-to-date with the news piece you are writing about and well-researched on the factual information you add to the post.  

For example, recently, a renowned news blog recently posted about the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Chinese economy. The epidemic was compared to SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), another lethal outbreak from 2002-2003. But in their very first paragraph, the writer mentioned that the death toll from SARS was 77 people, when, in fact, it was 774. This major factual mistake made the rest of the article seem dubious and had me questioning the other numbers and facts mentioned by the writer.

Ensure that your posts are well-tied with the particular niche your blog is focused on. Your readers are on your website for a reason – keep them there by preserving their interest.

2. eBooks, reviews and guides

A colossal amount of internet surfers are people researching one topic or another. The internet is one big encyclopedia split into millions of categories – there is enough to cater for anyone and everyone. But have you noticed how often free educational material is subpar?

Forex affiliates often focus greatly on proving trader’s education or research material, such as reviews. It’s easy to produce a quick guide on say, ‘Top Crypto Affiliate Programs’ or ‘101: Pips, Spreads and Leverage’ course. This form of content is commonly searched for on Google and will grow your organic traffic.

Reviews on brokers, platforms, and trading tools are another great way to produce content. New traders will usually spend a few hours researching different broker firms before committing to one. They want to know the following things:

  • Is the broker regulated and/or have they ever violated the terms established by the regulators?
  • What are the trading and non-trading fees?
  • Does the broker offer tight spreads, and do they charge commission?
  • What’s their customer support like?

Make sure to write unbiased and honest opinions in your reviews – you want your audience to trust you and not feel like you’re selling them something.

3. Email Marketing

With social media marketing invading the digital media world, many have deemed email marketing dead – this isn’t true. Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach your audience. Build an email list by adding a ‘Subscribe’ button to your website or even social media page.

Email marketing templates are coded in HTML, and they have pre-defined components such as style, content, and structure. It’s important to build an email campaign that’s compelling and catch the attention of your audience. Make sure to optimize your email, adheres to CAN SPAM regulations, and is bold and creative.

4. Bespoke Landing Pages

The importance of attractive landing pages cannot be stressed enough. Landing pages can convert simple visitors into leads; however, many people do not capitalize on this enough.

Every individual landing page needs to be customized according to the business it represents. You must focus on the expectations of your target audience. Every single element of your landing page should be enticing visitors to subscribe, sign-up, buy – from the headline to the layout.

For best results, follow the next few steps:

  • Optimize your landing page for both desktop and mobile
  • Loading time is fast
  • Emphasize the urgency to take action – you have clear and effective CTA buttons in place.
  • Easy to navigate through and offers a clear understanding of the brand, product, or service that it promotes.

5. Video marketing

Videos are the future of content marketing. In 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic was video traffic. Human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter; video marketing helps deliver messages more effectively while inciting both visual and auditory senses that simple text just cannot do. Videos can increase

But just as with any form of content, your videos must be done right. Ensure that they are mobile-optimized, as nearly 50% of all videos are watched on a mobile device. Focus on the visual impact of your videos as people will often silence the videos when watching them. Add captions! Keep your videos short, less than two minutes. And most importantly, focus on the quality of your videos and the message they send to your audience.

To conclude

With content marketing, it’s important to always stay innovative. Keep looking for new ideas, trying things you haven’t tried before and improving your website strategy. And remember: Content is king and consistency is key.

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