Forex Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2020
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5 Affiliate Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2020

As an affiliate marketer, particularly one that works a lot with the forex industry, it’s important to be aware of the newest trends in the digital marketing world. This, without doubt, can make or break your business. Both beginner and experienced affiliate marketers should regularly research the ever-changing landscape of the affiliate marketing world.

The world of forex affiliate marketing is even more complex. To stay ahead in the competitive affiliate game, forex affiliates spend a significant amount of time crafting fresh, compelling content that will keep their audience intrigued and eager to share it. Moreover, content is the most fundamental factor when growing your website’s ranking and improving its SEO.

We’ve gathered come trends that we’ve noticed growing fast in popularity in the recent months:

1. Quality over quantity

Despite the growth of affiliate marketing programs, most people are choosing quality over quantity. In the forex world, this means that brokers choose the affiliates they work with, with care and look for distinguished websites that consistently share quality content. The same applies to affiliate marketers, who pick reputable brokers and avoid unregulated brokers.

2. Social media expansion

While Facebook remains the No.1 social media platform, affiliate marketers are branching out and using various other portals too. Aside from the commonly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, affiliates are using Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest to grow their audience. Social media is a great way to connect with your existing followers as well as obtain new ones, so make sure to connect your website with all your social channels and keep looking for new social networks too.

Another newbie on the scene that is seeing crazy expansion is TikTok. The Chinese platform has a unique algorithm that means user’s videos can blow up without them even having a single follower. Currently, TikTok marketing is unsaturated, with most viral videos being dance trends, imitation videos, and challenges but also awareness campaigns and educational videos. Market experts believe that TikTok will become a crucial factor in the marketing mix of 2020, so watch this space.

3. Micro-moments

In an internet world packed with ads, push notifications, and content, it can be easy for users to get frustrated and lose interest. Nowadays, consumers prefer websites that contain accessible and concise information where they can find answers to their questions.

This is where micro-moment marketing steps in. Micro-moments happen with people turn to an electronic device on reflex, if they have a query on a topic, for example. Micro-moments also occur when people are looking up ‘How-To’s’ and ‘I-Want-Tos’, which are monumental for affiliate marketers.  

According to the team at Google, people have around 150 micro-moments a day. Successful forex marketers will take advantage of these moments by providing content that fits their audience’s quick search needs.

4. The Death of Push and Pop

In 2020 the number of push notifications dropped drastically due to the new regulations that are being enforced by browsers. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers block requests for permission to receive push notifications. And while the option to receive push notifications still exists, the visitor must agree to accept them, which reduces their effectiveness.

Push notifications are declining in a similar fashion to pop-up ads, that were not only famous for their effectiveness but also for how annoying they are. So, affiliate marketers who relied on the ‘Push Era’ should move on and look for other methods.

5.Even more power to videos

Digital video has taken the last decade like a storm. Video content is now the leader on most social media platforms. In 2019, we saw the emergence of silent videos with text running through them; those captivate the attention of users scrolling through yet allow mobile users to watch the videos in public and not disturb others. Experts see video marketing growing even more in the coming future.

In affiliate marketing, it’s essential to keep an open mind and welcome any feedback that comes your way, but make sure to evaluate it before implementing it. Listen to tips and clues, follow the trends, and don’t ignore new platforms just because they might not suit your audience yet. 

It’s fundamental to be one step ahead of your competition in forex affiliate marketing. Try out new methods you have not yet seen others use – don’t just follow! Most importantly, consistency and discipline are vital when it comes to affiliate marketing – you need to set your goals and follow through.

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