2020 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Not Go Unnoticed
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2020 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Not Go Unnoticed

There were times when VSEO, artificial intelligence, and data-driven marketing were the only moonshot, unrealistic ideas. Nowadays, these concepts are at the top of the list of business owners. In order to stay competitive businesses should adopt new trends in digital marketing. 

With time, customer behaviour and interests have become more difficult to foresee. In this article, you are going to find 10 marketing trends that should help your business thrive. You can also read about marketing tools here.

1. Artificial Intelligence

This year is very big for several industries in AI. Artificial intelligence helps analyze customer behaviour and search mode. It uses data from social media and blogs to determine how users find the necessary services and products. Businesses that integrate AI in their work processes should be able to reduce staff costs and increase growth. You can read more about AI on the Investopedia blog.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots will remain at the forefront of digital marketing this year. This technology is powered by AI and implements instant messaging to communicate with your customers at any time of the day.

Many customers choose chatbots over customer service representatives, as they are available 24/7 and never get tired of assisting customers. These bots meet customers’ expectations while you and your staff can focus on more important matters.

3. Personalization

In order to be distinct in 2020, you should personalize your marketing, which includes products, emails, content, and more.

4.Voice search 

The growing use of voice search made companies reconsider their digital marketing strategies. Voice search is important for people who conduct their searches using audio. The technology is getting smarter, and the number of mistakes made by Google, Alexa, and Siri has become much smaller. Optimization of voice search is a good way to enhance brand awareness. It is expected that smart voice search will be used as a tool for driving sales.

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5. Push notifications

Push notifications became more popular in 2020. These notifications are getting more sophisticated and personalized. Moreover, the use of these notifications boosts the number of conversions. These notifications tend to re-engage users who expressed interest but didn’t make a purchase, and they may include call-to-actions and images.

6. Social commerce

E-commerce embedded in social media grows at astonishing rates, so it is not surprising that brands are using these two in tandem to increase their sales. With some companies, it has become possible to purchase products and services within social networks. Now, people tend less to abandon their purchases as they don’t have to switch the app. Brands can create interactive ads that provide an option for customers to shop easily. According to Instagram, it should become easier to engage potential customers as there is immediate access to what they desire. 

7. Interactive content

This year we are fated to switch from text-based content to interactive, engaging content that provides a captivating experience. If you are not convinced by now, then you should know that more than 90% of buyers search for more interactive content. People prefer it not only because it looks more appealing but also because they experience a more interactive purchasing process. 

8. User-generated content

The point is to engage the audience into sharing content, a picture or text, by providing them a benefit in return, which can be a coupon code or a discount. UGC increases awareness about the brand and helps bring more conversions as more people learn about the brand. People tend to trust others who are in a similar situation as they are more than companies. According to one survey, about 80% of buyers claimed that their decision to purchase was influenced by UGC. 

9. Blockchain 

The extent of blockchain technology is much wider than the financial world. In fact, it is implemented in the digital marketing realm. It eliminates the digital marketing middlemen and helps to build trust thanks to transparency. 

10. Big data

Big data is the next big thing for marketers, of course, if they know how to harness its power. The most challenging part is to learn how to use the proper tools when it comes to big data. One research shows that about 80% of companies already have or in the process of developing a consumer data platform that should help analyze it.

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